Adovacting for ADHD and Aspergers

My name is Rikard Grossman-Nielsen and i’'m a 38yr old teacher diagnosed with Aspergers and ADHD!

I live in Sweden and a Greate Inspiration is also the famous Swedish Climate Activist with Aspergers!

I try to advocate for these conditions by helping others with these conditions and help science to understand these conditions even more.
Topics of special interest are:
How the job market in European countries can improve for people with ADHD and Aspergers
Research into how people think Aspergers think differently in areas of mathematics, computing and visiospatial processing.

To discover both strengths and promote them and weaker areas that can be improved through pratice.

More research into how ADHD Drugs can be better tailored to suite the indiviual and different purposes.
Interested in volunteering as a research subject and patient who gives qualified input on research projects.
So please feel free if you’re a company or researcher interested in these areas.

Please feel free to contact me on the subjects mentioned above and other subjects concerning Aspergers and ADHD.

Regards Richard

Hey there Rikard, My son has ADHD and I worry that the world isn’t ready for him. I’ve talked to a couple of high tech companies that esp. hire ADHD people. I don’t know of any research involved ADHD. Have you looked into CHADD? It is an organization for/advocates of ADDs.